Publications: Books, Journals and Anthologies


The Other Side of Thunder (Flarestack, Britain 2006)

Jumping Off the Train (Orchard House Press, Washington 2007)

Chasing the Saints (Virtual Artists Collective, Chicago 2008)

To Sip Darjeeling at Dawn (Virtual Artist Collective, Chicago, 2011)


U.S.:  360 Degrees, After Hours, Alembic, American Goat, Apocalpse, Ariel, Armchair Aesthete, Artisan,Atlanta Review, Barbaric Yawp, Bellingham Review, Birmingham Poetry Review, Black Fly, Blood & Fire, Bloodroot, Buckle &, Cadillac Cicatrix,Cairn, California Quarterly, Cape Rock, Caveat Lector, Cha Asian Review, Chaffin, Chariton Review, Christian Century, Christianity and Literature, Clark Street Review, Coe Review, Coffee Spoons, Cold Mountain Review, Colere, Common Ground, Comstock Review, Curbside Review, Diner, Driftwood, DuPage Arts, Eclipse, Edgz, Ellipsis, Equinox ,Eureka, Evansville Review, Feile-Festa, Fifth Wednesday, First Class, Flint Hills Review, Free Verse, Freshwater, Friends Journal, Front Range Review, Georgetown Review, Gihon River, Gradiva, GW Review, Hawaii Pacific, Hektoen, Iconoclast, International Poetry Review, Iodine, Istanbul Literary Review, Italian Americana, Jabberwock, JAMA, Journal of Medical Humanities,Kaleidoscope, Karamu, Kerf,  Lilies & Cannonballs, Lynx Eye, MacGuffin, Mad Poets Review, Maelstrom, Maryland Poetry Review, Metamorphoses, Mid-America Poetry Review, Midwest Quarterly, Mochila Review, National Catholic Reporter, Natural Bridge, New Laurel Review, New Zoo Poetry Review, Off the Coast, Out of Line, Out of Our, Oyez, Packingtowon Review, Paddlefish, Paper Street, Pedestal, Phoebe, Pinyon Poetry, Poesia, Poetry East, PoetryBay, PoetryFish, Portland Review,Potomac Review, Potpourri, Pudding Magazine, Prairie Light, Prairie Winds, Quiddity, Rambler, Rambunctious Review, Re-Divider, River Oak, Roanoke Review, Rock & Sling, Rockford Review, Rockhurst Review, Roux, Salamander, Seems, Silt Reader, Slab, Slant, So to Speak, Sonoma Mandala, Soundings East, South Ash Press, South Loop Review, Southern California Review, Spillway, Spire, Spoon River, Square Lake, Steam Ticket, Storyteller, Stray Dog, Straylight, Tar Wolf, Teacher’s Voice, Third Wednesday, Thorny Locust, Though Magazine, Timber Creek, Tipton Poetry Journal, Touchstone, Tribeca,Valparaiso Poetry Review, Village Rambler, Virginia Adversaria, Voices in Italian Americana, West Wind, White Heron, Willow Review, Wisconsin Review, Without Halos, Xanadu. 

AUSTRALIA: nebu[lab].

AUSTRIA: Poetry Salzburg.

BRITAIN:  Acumen, Agenda, Ambit, Bard, Borderlines, Cencrastus, Coffee House, Connections, Current Accounts, Dial 174, Dream Catcher, First Time, Frogmore Papers, Iota, Konfluence, Magpie’s Nest, New Writer, Obsessed with Pipework, Orbis, Other Poetry,Pennine Ink, Pulsar, Quantum Leap, Sepia, Splizz, Tears in the Fence, Vigil, Weyfarers, Zimmerzine.

TAIWAN & CHINA: PoetrySky, LiPo, Shichao Poetry, New Poetry Appreciation.


Cancer Poetry Project; Encore; Gardening at a Deeper Level; Forgetting Piece by Piece; Lost Hills Anthology; Love is Ageless; Louisiana in Words; Not A Muse: The Inner Lives of Women.


Illinois Arts Council Literary Award (nominated by Lucia Getsi, Spoon River Poetry); Chicago Poets & Patrons; National Federation of State Poetry Societies and individual State Poetry Society awards; Triton College Salute to the Arts; Poetry on the Lake; three Pushcart Prize nominations.


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