. . . leaves borrowing salt-smell from the rim of a wave,

barely puckered with the curse

of autumn’s curled lip, the last croaking

of the hoar-frosted frog.

The oaks deny the graces of old age.

A linden weeps twigs laden with verdigris,

having wanted to shine gold against a gray sky

before she’s stripped and shivering in the dark.

–excerpt from “Greenfall” in The Other Side of Thunder (Flarestack, UK 2006)


One response to “Greenfall

  1. Those are lovely words to caress the senses with and as one reads them it truly is a delight ! Thanks for posting excerpts of your works. The effect for me is like reading a lullabye , instead of having it sung to me . So, thank you ! It’s in the wording somehow and has me sleepy and going back to bed now, goodnight.

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