Pushing the Envelope

Donna Pucciani is happy to have her work included in the unusual new anthology of epistolary poems, coming in January. See review, below:

Forthcoming Book Boasts Over 50 Authors from 3 Continents

Lamar University Press looks forward to the release of an unusual anthology of poetry. January 2015 will be the publication date of Pushing the Envelope: Epistolary Poems. The compilation will showcase the work of more than fifty poets from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Israel and will stand as a unique anthology of epistolary poetry—poems in the form of letters.J-Z-Cov1-900

The introduction to the upcoming publication describes the unique nature of the selections:
Poetry in this collection, most written for this specific anthology, continues a tradition more than two thousand years old in its combining of letter-writing with poetry. The poets published here explore concerns that so many personal letters often express: love and loss, hope and redemption, turmoil and joy, outward exploration and introspection. Each poem amounts to a literary envelope that readers can open to discover lyrical language offered in the form of an epistle.


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