About the Poet


DONNA PUCCIANI’s poetry has been been published on four continents in such diverse journals as International Poetry Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, The Pedestal, nebu[lab], Italian Americana, Journal of the American Medical Association, Poetry Salzburg, Shichao Poetry, Istanbul Literary Review and Christianity and Literature. Her poetry has been translated into Chinese, Japanese and Italian, and has won awards from the Illinois Arts Council and The National Federation of State Poetry Societies, among others. She has been nominated five times for the Pushcart Prize and currently serves as Vice-President of the Poets’ Club of Chicago. Her books of poetry are listed below.


  • Edges (Purple Flag Press, Virtual Artists Collective, Chicago 2016)
  • Ghost Garden (Chicago 2016) Contact poet to purchase
  • A Light Dusting of Breath (Purple Flag Press, Virtual Artists Collective, Chicago 2015)
  • Hanging Like Hope on the Equinox (Virtual Artists Collective, Chicago 2013)
  • To Sip Darjeeling at Dawn (Virtual Artists Collective, Chicago 2011)
  • Chasing the Saints (Virtual Artists Collective, Chicago 2008)
  • Jumping Off the Train (Orchard House Press, Washington 2007)
  • The Other Side of Thunder (Flarestack Publications, UK 2006)

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Contact Info: dpucciani@yahoo.com


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