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Didsbury Library Reading Tonight

Donna Pucciani will be reading from her new book, EDGES, tonight, April 20, 2017, 7 pm at the Didsbury Library, Greater Manchester, an architectural gem in its own right. Do drop by–free admission and a warm and welcoming space for relaxation after the hectic Bank Holidays. For further info, contact Dale at the Library. See you there!


Sidewalk and Ball

. . . Tomorrow promises a finished

pavement, cemented in small squares

inch by patient inch. The jot

of red joy flung on concrete

is rediscovered, thrown hand to hand

out of the laborers’ way dancing

into the middle distance . . .

–excerpt from “Sidewalk and Ball” in A Light Dusting of Breath by Donna Pucciani (virtual artists collective/purple flag, 2015). First published in The Wonderbook of Poetry and with photograph by X Woods.

A Light Dusting of Breath

Announcing Donna Pucciani’s sixth and latest collection of poems, A LIGHT DUSTING OF BREATH (Virtual Artists Collective, Purple Flag Press, Chicago, 2015), now available through your local or online independent bookstore, and also directly from the writer or Virtual Artists Collective ( Further information about the book can be found on the publisher’s website,

Happy New Year!

Announcing New Collection!

Donna Pucciani’s sixth collection of poems, A Light Dusting of Breath, is due out in mid-January 2015 from Virtual Artists Collective, Chicago, and will be available through your local indy bookstore or directly from the author.

Further information may be found at

Happy Holidays!

Aurora Authors Fair

Donna Pucciani will participate in the annual Aurora Authors Fair on Saturday, September 8, 2012, from 1-3 pm, at Prisco Community Center, 150 West Illinois St., Aurora, Illinois. Her poetry collections, The Other Side of Thunder, Jumping Off the Train, Chasing the Saints, and To Sip Darjeeling at Dawn, will be available.The public is invited to come out and meet their local authors.

Book Cellar, August 9, 2012

Occupy Boston Exhibit, Berlin, Germany

Donna Pucciani will appear in a brief video reading her poem, “Psalm for Wall Street” at the Occupy Boston Exhibition, Carl Schurz Haus, Berlin, opening June 26, 2012. Pucciani is among many professional and amateur photographers and media artists from diverse viewpoints whose work will be featured, based on the Fall/Winter 2011 events in Boston, including images from the tent city, demonstrations, and encounters with police. Curator X Bonnie Woods is a painter andphotographer who divides her time between Boston and Berlin. As a documentary photographer she worked at Ground Zero after 9/11 and in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina.