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Digging Out the Daisies

. . . Dug into the dark region

between an old forsythia

and a yew planted to hide

the elbows of rusty pipes,

they risk everything to find . . .

a new communion.

–Excerpt from “Digging Out the Daisies” in Edges by Donna Pucciani (Purple Flag, Chicago, 2016). Published in Hawaii Pacific Review and The Cresset.


Beach Stone, Calabria, Italy

Salvaged from sand

breath of gods

green-edged petrified

fizz of Tyrrehenian ebb

and flow warm to the touch

Sand-encrusted stone

cool on the cheek where

fingers thumbed it smooth

a slow massage of the moon’s hands

in tides talking among themselves . . . .

–excerpt from “Beach Stone, Calabria, Italy,” by Donna Pucciani. First published in Chariton Review.